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Lashpro pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality Korean PBT fibre lash extensions since 2018.

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Jun 26 2023

What is mink and why are they so popular?

Mink lashes have gained popularity in the beauty industry, popular for their luxurious appearance and natural look. However, it's important to understand the truth behind mink lashes and why their use should be avoided. In this...
Jun 14 2023

Why use promades? Advantages of Lash Efficiency.

Why use promades? Advantages of Lash Efficiency. Lash extensions have become a staple in the beauty industry, transforming the way people enhance their natural lashes. One crucial decision salon owners face is whether to create...
Jan 28 2022

M is for magic

WHAT IS M CURL? M curl is the latest trend that can give you the greatest lift! Remember L curls? Still hugely popular amongst monolid beauties and our Russian lash babes absolutely cannot get enough of them! They create a...
Jan 23 2022

Why you should always use hydrogel patches under the eye area

There’s a reason why it is preferable to use Hydrogel or under eye gel patches when doing lash extensions, lash removal and lash lifts and here’s why: Our skin under the eyes is much thinner than the rest of our face and body....
Sep 18 2021

Resolving retention issues

Most likely than not, retention issues originated from the steps before the lash extension application There are many things we like to blame when it comes to retention issues, we blame the client, we blame the glue, we blame...
Sep 13 2021

What you can do with your micropore tape

We are huge fans of the micropore tape, we stock 2 lengths, 4.5 metres and 9 metres. We’ve been giving away some of our 4.5m as samples with your orders as you may have noticed because we want to bring awareness to how much this...
Sep 06 2021

Lash Photography 101

Let our expert, Paige Muller from Body Wonders Studio guide you through taking the best photos for your lash art Nothing makes me happier as a lash tech than getting the perfect lash photo to showcase my work. I use my cellphone...
Sep 02 2021

Introducing our camellia lashes

What are Camellia Lashes? Camellia lashes have been a huge hit on the international trends market and here’s why! Camellia lashes are multi-length volume eyelash extensions, which means instead of the traditional one length on...
Aug 23 2021

L curl lashes have taken the world by storm!

L curl lashes are exactly that, L shaped… but why? We’re not sure how the idea came about, it’s called L curl because it stands for “lift” or because it’s L shaped curls but it has taken the lash world by storm! These lashes...


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