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M is for magic

Jan 28, 2022


M curl is the latest trend that can give you the greatest lift! Remember L curls? Still hugely popular amongst monolid beauties and our Russian lash babes absolutely cannot get enough of them! They create a magnificent lift for those with deep set eyes and to give you the ultimate outer wing!

Unlike L curls, the M curl is not as sharp, after the straight root, it lifts and curves upwards into a beautiful curl. Providing a much softer look on the wing and still gives you a beautiful lift especially for the inner corners.

At Lashpro, we supply 3 difference thicknesses for M shape curls, 0.06mm & 0.07mm, perfect for volume lashes, 0.15mm for the classic lovers.

M curl also available in Blooming Lashes™️

Our Lashpro Blooming Lashes™️ are extremely special because it fuses 2 lash strips onto 1 strip, not only does it provide easier fanning but it also gives you more bang for your buck, ultimately giving you DOUBLE the amount of lashes in one tray compared to other lashes.

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