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Lashcure – Adhesive Curing Solution

AED 70.00

Lashpro’s Lashcure is an adhesive curing solution. What does it do?

  • Assist the curing process
  • Reduce fumes and irritation of the adhesive
  • Longer lasting lashes

Lashcure may be used directly on the natural lashes of the client. In a situation where the conditions of the lash environment is not ideal and the humidity is particularly low, Lashcure may be applied on to the client’s lashes before the attachment of lash extensions or to finish off the treatment. This also reduces the chance of stickies or lashes sticking or clumping together.

For professional use only. 

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Professional Use

Our adhesives are for professional use only

Long Lasting

Adhesive lasting power is up to 7 weeks

Dry Time

We offer different types of adhesives with different drying time


21-25 Degrees Celsius
40-60% Humidity

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