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L curl lashes have taken the world by storm!

Aug 23, 2021

L curl lashes are exactly that, L shaped… but why?

We’re not sure how the idea came about, it’s called L curl because it stands for “lift” or because it’s L shaped curls but it has taken the lash world by storm!

These lashes give clients a stunning lift especially if the clients have straight or downwards turning natural lashes and also great for clients with hooded eyes or monolids, to make the lashes more prominent when their eyes are opened fully. L curls are also amazing for the perfect cat eyes! We have gotten many lash inspos online and we’re convinced!

L curl lashes are especially great for clients with straight lashes because the base of the lashes are straight and then it lifts upwards dramatically, which ultimately helps with retention on straight lashes.

At Lashpro, we supply 3 difference thicknesses for L shape curls, 0.07mm, perfect for volume lashes, 0.15mm and 0.20mm for classic sets.

Our very own South African based lash tech Jannica Rez (Instagram @lashedbyjrez) did her first set of L curl volume lashes and the result is phenomenal (just take a look at the first photo above). Here are some tips from Jannica:

“L curls are to me one of the most interesting curls I have encountered lashing. Since discovering L curls, I have been fascinated by the shape and the purpose of the curl. It showed me how creative and playful lash extensions can be!

We know the L curl has a harsher shape that makes these lashes ideal to work with clients who have very hooded eyelids and D curls are just not enough. But, did you know that L curls could also be used to create an extreme cat eye effect? It can open up any eye shape to give them a more ‘woke’ look! Our European and Russian colleagues have been extremely creative already with the L curl and have shown us beautiful results to admire. If you also want to create a set with L curls, the following might be handy for you to consider:

1. Removing the lashes off the glue strip:
I found it easier to remove the lashes off the glue strip closer to the root rather than the middle because it may lose its sharp edge if not handled gently.

2. If you use the Russian Volume technique which is the pinching method, make sure you don’t pinch too hard and make the lashes too close together. If you’re using a silicone eyelash pad to fan the lashes, make sure to remove it off the pad softly as pulling it off too harshly will cause the lashes to lose the L curl and change its shape.

3. Placing the lashes onto your client’s natural lashes to create the winged effect is quite interesting. You need to angle outwards but still bearing in mind the best place for you to create enough space for the curl to hold and stick.

4. Best advice I can give is to have fun and play around!

Lash hugs & kisses – Jannica”

There you go! We hope you give these beautiful curls a try and just play because nothing teaches more than experience itself! Get your L curl lashes today!

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