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Ellipse matte lash extensions with spit tips (16 rows mixed length tray)

AED 60.00

Ellipse lashes or otherwise known as flat lashes are lash extensions with an oval shape rather than being rounded. The benefits of this shape is that the lashes look thicker without adding any weight and because of its shape, adhere to the natural lashes better than the traditional rounded shape lash extensions.

What’s even better about the Lashpro ellipse lashes is that our ellipse lashes are split tip lashes which introduces a new level of volume, texture and definition without the added extra weight. Essentially, our ellipse lashes with split tips give the desired thickness of a classic lash but with the softness and definition of volume lashes.

The 0.15mm thickness is equivalent to the 0.05mm lash tip and the 0.20mm thickness is equivalent to the 0.07mm lash tip.

A must try for lash artists!

Cruelty free.

Available in C and D curls

Thickness 0.15mm & 0.20mm

Lengths 8mm-14mm.

8mm x 1
9mm x 2
10mm x 3
11mm x 3
12mm x 3
13mm x 3
14mm x 1

For professional use only

Earn up to 6 LLB Points.

Classic Lashes

Lashpro pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality Korean PBT fibre lash extensions since 2018. With quality and innovation at the forefront of our business acumen, Lashpro promises in supplying you with the best products available on the market. Lashpro only partners with the leading manufacturers in the industry, being present from the choosing of the raw materials to the finished products, we are involved every step of the manufacturing process.

Various Lengths

16 rows of various lengths for your lash needs

Korean PBT Fibre

High quality and dark fibers used for our classic lash extensions

Long Tapered Lashes

Our classic lashes are beautifully long tapered that are hair-like

Lasting Curl

Unless exposed to extreme heat, our curls are long lasting

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